About Us

Passion for Greek Food and Tradition

Panagiotis (Peter) Alexopoulos was born in Tripoli, Greece, the capital of the Peloponnese. As a child, he was always peripatetic (nice Greek word meaning restless), so once he graduated from technical college as an electrician, he became a sailor and roamed the seven seas. He jumped ship in New Orleans in the mid-80s and joined an uncle in Pennsylvania who owned, among other things, a pizzeria. He took over as manager after only two weeks, and grew the business until he decided to sell and ultimately move to Florida. Initially, he helped construct several Miami Subs outlets and, later, became a very successful operator and franchisee in his own right.

In 2011, Panagiotis decided that the food in most local Greek restaurants was not tasty enough for his palate, so he opened his first Gyromania Grill which served authentic dishes that he had learned from his grandmother back home. That was the start of the Gyromania Grill chain of “real fresh Greek food”, which today has evolved into a fully-fledged franchise company under the name of Fresh Food Restaurants.

As the Gyromania Grill chain continued to flourish, Panagiotis remained committed to his mission of bringing the authentic flavors of Greece to America. He tirelessly worked with his dedicated team to ensure that every dish served at Gyromania Grill was prepared with the same love and care as his grandmother’s recipes. Fresh ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and a genuine passion for Greek cuisine became the cornerstones of the Gyromania Grill experience. Whether it’s the succulent gyro meat, flavorful souvlaki, or the delightful baklava for dessert, every item on our menu is a delicious journey to the heart of Greece. We take immense pride in sharing these culinary traditions with our customers and continue to be a place where Greek food enthusiasts can savor the taste of authenticity right here in America.

fresh, Greek food being prepared
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